SharePoint Online Consulting

SharePoint Online is a powerful web-based application used for collaboration and information exchange across an organization. SharePoint Online allows users to store, share and manage content seamlessly. SharePoint Online is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

SharePoint is a Microsoft 365 offering that enables sharing and collaboration among teams across an organisation. It allows users to publish, organise, share, and store the data that they need from wherever they are in the world. It is so simple to use and has become so popular that many organisations use Microsoft SharePoint to create secure, customised intranet sites to facilitate the sharing of content.

SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 Group. This means that every SharePoint user has a wide array of services, including Planner, Outlook and a calendar, available to them.

Features and Benefits of SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint’s robust security features eliminate the fear of data compromise and unauthorised access to confidential information. SharePoint provides a variety of governance and security options so that the right people have access to the content they need, while your organisation’s sensitive data remains secure.
The security measures that Microsoft 365 take to ensure that information shared in SharePoint is safe, meeting the rigorous data compliance and security standards that many businesses need. These measures include data encryption, 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), audit reports, monitoring tools, and stringent access control.
Seamless collaboration is one of the key features of Microsoft SharePoint. Gone are the days when version control meant scouring through several copies of the same document to find the right one! Thanks to SharePoint’s version control, duplicated documents and the confusing search for the latest version are a thing of the past.
It used to be the case that every online tool that you’d use would need to be administrated individually. But that was before Microsoft 365! Now you can perform administrative tasks like application management, data upgrades, migration, reviewing system settings, and performing backups, all directly from SharePoint.
Microsoft’s SharePoint 365 improves team productivity and efficiency by helping them access business data quickly and easily from any device. However, it also enhances security by ensuring that your organisation’s information is only accessed by compliant devices and apps that you trust.

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Types of Collaboration on SharePoint

The advantages of SharePoint go beyond the single application — you can use a wide range of Microsoft 365 apps to create a collaborative environment that is secure and productive. While Microsoft SharePoint’s primary role is hosting files, integrations with other tools, such as Microsoft Teams, allow for smooth and effective collaboration. There are three types of Microsoft SharePoint sites that help in this endeavour. They are:

Creating a Safe Collaborative Environment

  • Microsoft 365 has a wide range of built in security features to protect your information. Take advantage of Data Loss Prevention, and set specific conditions, exceptions, and actions that determine how data can be accessed and shared.
  • Ensure that only authorised devices are getting access to your data. You can choose provide unrecognised devices with full access, only web access, or you can deny them access completely.
  • Keeping inactive sessions open is asking for trouble, so rather log inactive users out automatically.
  • Your network and data may be secure, but that doesn’t mean that external companies have the same security policies. You can deny access to mobile apps that do not use secure and modern authentication systems.
  • Keep track of your users with Azure Active Directory, and automatically ensure that the right people have access to the information they need, at the right time.
  • Email security is no laughing matter, but with Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection, you can rest easy knowing that your users and data are safeguarded against malware.
  • Monitoring user activity can help you to manage risks, and ensure that your data remains secure. This is where Microsoft Cloud App Security comes in, allowing you to monitor activity of both internal and external users.
  • Many governments have particular regulations regarding the storage of information. Make sure that you’re compliant with regular auditing reports.