Protection of Personal Information

Secure Your Personal Data

In this digital age, data is a business’ most valuable resource. It informs every decision that you make as a company. Data helps you to predict trends in the market and adjusting your service offering accordingly. It enhances your customer service and informs your team structure, goals and KPIs. Data really is your lifeline, and keeping it safe has never been more important.

Maintaining the security of data that you store is essential. This is why the EU and countries like South Africa are defining how data can be stored, and what it can be used for, with regulations like GDPR and the POPI Act.

While the GDPR came into effect across Europe in 2018, the South African equivalent of the Protection of Personal Information Act was more recently passed in July, 2020. Businesses have been given a year to comply with the POPI Act regulations, with a deadline of 30 June, 2021. With this deadline fast approaching, many companies are seeking to have the POPI Act explained, and have been asking important questions of whether it will apply to them, and what they need to change to become compliant.

We’re here to answer these important questions and more.