Microsoft Licensing

Make the Most of Your Microsoft

When it comes to flexible, lucrative license contracts, Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program is exactly what you’ve been searching for. In addition to Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamic 365, CSP allows organizations access to Microsoft’s cloud computing solutions. Software subscriptions for both Windows and cloud SQL servers may be purchased as part of the service.

As your Microsoft Licensing CSP, we make sure that you are receiving all the benefits that Microsoft has to offer. Additionally, we’re standing by to provide you optimization guidance and support services that will enable you to take advantage of substantial savings.

You may always contact our team of professionals if you have any queries or would want to learn more about moving your systems to the cloud. GRIAM IT experts are well-versed in Microsoft products, especially cloud solutions, and have helped organizations throughout South Africa shift to the cloud.

In order to ensure that your cloud solution meets your company’s specific demands, we first conduct an in-depth study of your organization. Helping your firm make educated choices that save both time and money is our goal at every step of the journey. Instead of spending all your time chasing down IT problems and preparing reports, you’ll be able to concentrate on revenue-generating business duties like expanding your customer base and growing your profitability.

Benefits of Partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider like GRIAM

While we love technology, people are at the heart of our business, and our dedication, values, and talented IT professionals all contribute towards the lasting relationships that we build. That’s not all that you can expect when you work with GRIAM though. Some benefits of choosing us as your Cloud Solution Provider include:

You will be the decision-maker. Throughout our partnership with your business, you can choose to scale up or down whenever you need to — every month, if you so choose. You can be sure that you pay only for what you want and use. There’s no need to spend a fortune on tools and features you don’t use, and we will ensure that your services never run over your budget.

We don’t charge any upfront fees or agreement costs, because we believe in transparency. Instead, you will receive monthly updates and bills for your Microsoft Licenses, including your monthly Azure usage.

At GRIAM, we love taking ownership of problems and finding the best solutions. We will be your single, reliable point of contact and will help you with any support issues that you might face. We also pride ourselves on being able to help businesses get the maximum benefits in the most human way possible, so you can expect excellent customer service.

Transparent and Flexible Licensing

GRIAM is perfectly placed to help you choose the right Microsoft Licensing agreement for your business. We can provide professional advice on the options available to you, and on Microsoft Licensing pricing. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you choose GRIAM as your CSP, you will need to sign both our Terms and Conditions Agreement and the Microsoft Cloud Agreement to use the software.

That is entirely up to you — if you would prefer to maintain admin controls, then you can choose to do so. If you’d prefer for GRIAM to take the lead, we can administrate the account on your behalf.

As your CSP, Solid Systems would be your point of contact, and we will send you monthly invoices directly.

Yes. While GRIAM would be your CSP, you would still be making use of Microsoft Licensing, and would need to sign the Microsoft Cloud Agreement along with our Terms and Conditions Agreement.