Cloud Consulting

Get the Best Cloud Advice For Your Business

Cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure provide scalability, availability, and security benefits to enterprises. As more businesses embrace remote working environments, cloud services provide teams throughout the world access to the required tools and resources.

With all of the benefits that cloud services bring, organizations may find it challenging to choose which cloud solutions are appropriate for them. There are so many services available, each with unique features and oriented toward different industries, that it may be difficult to navigate the waters of cloud services without guidance.

Fortunately, it is not a procedure that businesses must do on their own. Cloud consulting businesses and cloud solution consultants help enterprises discover and execute cloud services that will provide the most value to their company and help them achieve their goals.

What Kinds of Companies Can Benefit from Cloud Consulting?

Working with cloud consulting professionals may benefit any organization that is considering shifting its systems, applications, or data to the cloud. An IT and Cloud Consulting firm like GRIAM has extensive expertise in assisting organizations in identifying the best technologies for their specific needs, and is well-versed in all cloud solutions.

They not only provide cloud technology advice to help you identify technologies that will develop your company, but they can also help you implement these technologies, assisting with cloud migration, managing your cloud services, and training your workforce.

Services That We Offer Cloud Consulting For

Because GRIAM offers a wide range of cloud solutions, our IT pros are experienced in offering cloud consulting, guidance and support in the right technologies to implement across a number of areas:

Our cloud solution experts can assist you in identifying the ideal cloud storage solution for storing your company’s data in the cloud and allowing the relevant personnel to access the information they need.
The cloud may be used to store more than just data. Many organizations are increasingly migrating their infrastructure and taking advantage of the freedom that cloud hosting provides for their servers and networks. Speak with one of our cloud consulting experts to identify the best option for hosting your applications and infrastructure.

Moving your infrastructure and data to cloud environments can be a complicated process, but with cloud consulting and the proper planning and implementation, your cloud migration doesn’t need to negatively impact your operations.

Whether your data is stored on-premises or in the cloud, you need to ensure that your information is backed up in case of a data breach or disaster. Our cloud consulting experts can help you choose the right cloud backup solution for your business.

Having backups of your data is essential for any business. But working together with a cloud consulting company can see you putting together a Disaster Recovery plan that will ensure you have processes in place for restoring your critical systems. This will see your operations continuing uninterrupted, even when disaster does strike.

With the increase of remote working, teams are dispersed all over the globe, and businesses must guarantee that they have phone systems that allow call center employees to make and receive calls from wherever they are. Speak with one of our cloud consulting professionals now to identify a Cloud PBX solution that can connect your staff and customers.

The cloud services that Microsoft offers go beyond just Word and Excel. With the right advice and cloud consulting partner, businesses can find more value from their Microsoft solutions and effortlessly embrace remote working and cloud environments.

Our team of IT pros are waiting in the wings to help you digitise your operations and see you stepping confidently into the future. Get the Cloud Consulting advice you need today!

Why You Should Choose GRIAM as Your Cloud Consulting Partner

GRIAM has nearly a decade of expertise providing IT services and assisting South African companies in adopting the most recent technical innovations, including cloud solutions.

We are uniquely positioned as a Microsoft Partner to not only provide companies with valuable cloud advice that highlights the advantages that Microsoft’s cloud platforms, but also to educate their employees in the most effective methods to use the cloud technologies that are now available.

Having gone through the migration to both a cloud and a remote working environment ourselves and having helped companies not only accept, but embrace the new norm of ‘work from home’, we are well-equipped to advise your business on the best cloud services and platforms that can make a real difference and add real value to your company.